Can you run a marathon straight from a couch?


Have you tried running a marathon, living a healthy life, following a diet, or getting off the couch at some point in your life and failed? If the answer is yes, then read on. By Martin Khan

I am confident that by following the method I am going to share with you, you will see a tremendous change in your approach and outcome

The goal is to master a routine one small step at a time until it becomes business as usual for your body.

So here’s what to do, first pick an activity you want to do or start. This will help you plan the basic accessories required. I’d recommend you pick a high-intensity full-body exercise e.g. spot running skipping or just bolting out of the couch. Target to do it for a short interval, 60 seconds or so. This is the most effortless way to get started.

Current research shows that a short high-intensity burst of exercise for 15 minutes gets you fitter than a longer period of low or moderate-intensity exercise. However, I am not talking about even 15 minutes here.

The idea is to ease yourself into a routine.

Once you have decided on the activity you want to do, follow the order of things in the BAT method of running straight from the couch

B — Be ready
(Be ready with your shoes on etc., if required go to bed wearing them)

A — Act now
(Act now by standing up)

T — Throw yourself
(Throw yourself into action, as if being chased by a Tsunami)

Continue running, if that’s what you have chosen for as long as you can, 60 seconds at least. Even if, you do just 30 seconds, it’s fine. Keep in mind to avoid overstretching yourself. Remember routine is important not timing.

Repeat it again the next day. Resist the “this is stupid” trap. Increase the time interval after you get into a habit. Once again, remember routine is important and this method can also be used to work on a diet plan of choice etc. But first, get out and run straight from the couch.

Finally, take a day off and appreciate yourself with a small gift every week if you succeed. For example, watch a new flick or a ticket to the local game or even a pint of favourite beer. Remember to walk to your destination and keep reminding yourself why you are treating yourself. Of course, there is a tendency with all of us to first enjoy our treat and then try to work out the conditions, avoid it!!
If you fail, no problem. It’s a matter of taking small incremental steps to a routine of running straight out of a couch. So try again!!

Now if some of you are still asking, where is the diet plan, where is the workout plan, what about the risks, you said, Marathon”? Well, I think most people fail at the first step even with a diet plan, a workout plan, and thorough knowledge of the mechanics of running a marathon.

It is taking the first step from where you are is important. To be able to start just as you are is important. You can run a marathon straight from a couch but for how long depends on whether you are in the habit or routine of doing so…

One last thing before I close, if you have read this article and if you think there is even some merit in what I am saying then please let me challenge you by saying this, Can you run a marathon straight from your couch today”…. Even now? Go ahead run….


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