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For the past few months, CBD (cannabidiol) stores have been popping up all over Europe. And with the new laws and regulations about CBD cannabis, we have seen a massive rise in the number of CBD stores all around Europe and the UK. 

You can now find physical stores in all big cities, but also small retailers who are selling CBD flowers and CBD oils, as well as a full range of products, branded and related to CBD … CBD shops are now a fashionable business! 

But are these products useful and safe? 

If the new lifestyle and fashion storefronts that appear more and more regularly all around the UK are to be trusted, it would seem that the CBD stores have become the new trendy shops. In these new kinds of stores, we find much more than the flagship product of legal marijuana: the CBD. 

Cannabidiol is one of the substances found in cannabis. It is a cannabinoid. But unlike its cousin the THC, CBD has no psychotropic effects. It would be a kind of light and legal marijuana, without the “high” effect. 

In stores, it is found in the form of CBD flowers and preparations such as CBD oils, containing a high concentration of CBD, up to 30%. 

If many users praise its therapeutic and relaxing properties, CBD is not, at present, legally recognized as a medicine in Europe and the UK. Is it good or bad idea to consume it? And, should we be wary of risks? 

How to buy legal marijuana?

Legislation is still vague about the CBD sector, in particular regarding its potential commercial purpose, leaving a grey area around those who sell it. When European and English recent laws intervened in order to legalize the use and consumption of CBD, some of the best CBD online stores have developed a well-organized, safe and high-quality market for CBD products, e.g. CBD flowers and CBD oils. JustBob, being the European leader and the UK’s leading CBD retailer online, is the perfect example.

Since, according to the legislation, cannabis products with THC concentrations above the 0.2% threshold are prohibited, what you can find online in CBD shops such as JustBob.shop are CBD flowers below this limit. Therefore, it safe to place an order in this e-commerce platform, with the additional benefit that your CBD product will be delivered to your home within 48 hours.

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The history of CBD cannabis 

The CBD molecule has been known since the mid-1960s. In the last years, it appeared as a drug/medicine in many countries, to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia and epilepsy. 

Today, we have studies and researches to say that CBD as such does not present a risk. There is no addiction, no hallucinations with cannabidiol. The effects are different from street cannabis. 

However, we do not yet know all the effects of CBD because this substance acts in many different ways. But here in the UK, we can start to speak of therapeutic effects as the CBD is now being registered as such. Therefore they are controlled, and we can slowly rely on any scientific study to prove their possible effectiveness. 

Despite the lack of evidence, users are unanimous, the benefits of CBD are multiple. Those who consume it will inevitably tell you about the relaxing effect of CBD. 

We know that cannabidiol reduces pain; that’s also why it is registered as a drug in the UK. And it is an effect that will be sought by some consumers. 

There are no risks, strictly speaking; now, it can be less harmless if you combine CBD with other substances such as electronic cigarettes. But it would help if you always had to wonder about the active ingredients. 

CBD accessories and equipment in the CBD stores 

In CBD shops, you will also find many accessories that will assist you in the preparation and consumption of your CBD flowers 

and other products. 

Tea infusers, smoking devices, e-cigarettes, grinders, mixers, infusion bags … all the products will bring you comfort and exceptional simplicity of use ideal for consumption with confidence. 

All the materials and equipment can come from all around the world. Depending on the price, you are ready to pay to get excellent quality of finish and guaranteed durability. 

Whatever products you consume, you will find everything you need to make your preparations at exceptional prices! 

Hemp, cannabis and fashion 

Over the past years, thanks to the popularity of CBD stores, more and more people became interested in wearing hemp garments.

Hemp trend was born, also having a counterbalancing effect on the waste of the fashion industry! Hemp fashion is more respectful of the environment, of people, based on ethical standards. It is a fairer answer tailored on our times. 

As explained above, the most important quality of hemp is that it is an eco-friendly material — much more than cotton, for example. 

The cotton industry uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world, reaching consumes up to the 25% of the pesticides produced worldwide. This material is often grown in countries where environmental standards are non-existent. For this reason, even if organic cotton is obviously to be preferred to the industrial one, it remains more energy-consuming than hemp.

Hemp clothing is growing more and more and has many advantages:

  • Hemp fibre has thermoregulatory but also antifungal, antibacterial properties 
  • Being the hemp fibre very resistant, the clothes obtained are strong (4 times more than those in cotton). 
  • It keeps the body warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • The fibres are not only resistant but also thick, so they can protect the body from UV rays.
  • Hemp textures breathe well and dry quickly.


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