Charity Tuesday: The Green Centre

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It’s Charity Tuesday and on this beautiful sunny Tuesday we are featuring The Green Centre. The Green Centre are a community environmental project who aim to ‘provide carefully researched and qualified, information and advice, to all members of the community on matters that have an effect on the future of our planet.’

Melanie Rees, the Creative Director of the Green Centre

The Green Centre evolved from the Green Workshop, a mobile teaching unit offering environmental education through Sussex. The Green Workshop has appeared at fairs and festivals throughout the country such as BBC Spring Watch, Beach Dreams, Brighton Pride, Climate Change Rally and the Brighton Science Festival as well as at schools and businesses. The Green Workshop received such a positive response from the local community that they realised there was limited opportunities to do more local community involvement with just a mobile unit, so they set up the Green Centre. The Green Centre is a not-for-profit organisation and has three directors who have committed themselves ‘to working in the best interests of the community’.

the Bottle Top Marathon

The Green Centre have created a Green A-Z which is a directory that contains information about how to reduce, reuse and recycle everyday objects such as art materials, electrical items to old British currency. They have also created the Green Diary which offers an ‘up-to-date listing of environmental events and milestones’ such as farmers markets selling local produce. Since May 2009, the Green Centre have been developing their garden. This garden contains a wide range of things to help the environment such as a 700 litre tank that collects rainwater, a wormery, a wildlife pond as well as a compost heap. The garden is also bee friendly! You can even sit and have a cup of tea.

There are so many ways in which you can help The Green Centre with the work they are doing, from recycling to donating to their second hand market. You can find out more about all the wonderful things they do for our environment here. You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.



Holly Martin

[email protected]

All images belong to the Green Centre

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