Chocolate Fashion Show – Look at the dresses!

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how many feathers do you think she got in her mouth when she tried to break off a piece? my guess is loads.

Ever loved chocolate so much you wish you could wear it? No, me neither, but that didn’t stop up-and-coming designers and chocolatiers working together to bring a chocolate fashion show to Paris yesterday. Over a dozen models hit the catwalk including many French celebrities from TV, film and music industries. One dress drew gasps from the audience because it was made from individual chocolate butterflies that fluttered whenever the model walked. Another design by Jefferey Cagnes, a French chocolatier, was a chocolate corset covered in red and gold chocolate coins, tied with red ribbons. Like a chocolate ladybird. My personal favourite was one that was covered entirely in smarties because why not? Though it proved difficult to walk in, who makes chocolate dresses below the knee?! It’s just not practical. The event marked the opening of Salon Du Chocolat, an event in which the world’s greatest chocolatiers, pastry makers and confectioners are invited to show off their work all under one tent, or as I like to call it, Heaven. There are over 400 exhibitors from over 40 countries flocking to the event that opens today. I’m not sure what they did with the chocolate dresses, I really hope the models got to eat them. Watch the whole show on the video below.

she’ll be in trouble when that melts.
the struggle would be worth it if you got to eat the smarties.


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