Christmas Boxes For Victims Of The Grenfell Fire


Emy Allard a woman in Brighton who has been working with families who were affected by the Grenfell fire has decided to package and sort some christmas boxes for them.

On the 14th of June 2017 a 24-storey tower of apartments caught fire in West London. A total of 80 people died and many more injuries were sustained, those left behind have very little and have lost a lot.

Emy knows the families and has set up this project called Gifts4Grenfell. She knows that some households have specific needs for people who are autistic, blind, disabled, pregnant or post-natal and has decided to focus on children, the elderly and students as a priority. However she hopes that by the time christmas comes she has created boxes for everyone including the adults.

She has a Facebook page set up and so far she has made a rough guide of the kind of boxes the team will make. She needs people to assist with gifts, sorting, packaging, decorating, delivering and more.

If you are interested in helping out or donating follow this link to the Facebook page and see what you can do!



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