Concorde 2: Brighton’s Seafront and the Future of Music in Brighton

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Concorde 2 has, in one shape or another, been a fixture in Brighton’s seafront since the 19th Century. Despite taking many different forms, the structure has remained the same. The staple of our seafront, one of the last remnants of the Victorian seaside that remains in tact. 


The future of Brighton’s seafront has a question mark hanging over it, with many of the arches being redeveloped due to structural concerns and the i360 causing a stir for it’s unique appearance that conflicts with the tradition that the seafront prides itself on. So, when the question mark was put above Concorde 2, it was rightly worried about its future.

Russell Haynes, the managing director of the venue, expressed his concern stating that he was “unsure about the future” and that it “had been a difficult year” with the structural surveys damaging the atmosphere and putting people off.

Concorde 2’s future is now set to be a good one, with £50,000 bookmarked for renovation works and a makeover.

The lighting is going to be redone, the bar is going to be revamped and the future is bright. No other venue deserves this more than Concorde 2, a spearhead in Brighton’s music scene. This regeneration is the renaissance of music in Brighton, an industry worth a rumoured £45M and growing. The industry is undoubtedly one of Brighton’s biggest and seems to be growing, with an increase in music tourism to the city and traditional record shops reopening in the City.

With this in mind, the importance if Concorde 2 has never been higher. It provides the perfect venue for any genre, and any size artist would relish playing on the historic stage. From bigger acts doing intimate shows to upcoming artists perhaps playing one of their biggest, Concorde 2 offers Brighton the opportunity to see acts that would go amiss should the seafront stage be taken away.

People queue for hours to see acts at Concorde 2, and that won’t change. Photo via Flickr.

Over the years too many acts to name have played there, from DJs every weekend to surprise shows by the likes of the Foo Fighters. Concorde 2 provides the perfect compromise between intimate and busy, with the atmosphere always electric no matter who is playing. Housing 600 fans, Concorde’s past shows reminds us that it is the main independent venue in Brighton and should be cherished for the events that it provides. Brighton’s live music scene is constantly growing, but the Brighton Centre and Dome only go so far to provide the opportunities for local acts. Concorde 2 puts on showcases of local talent, including those from BIMM as well as other homegrown bands.

With local acts being showcased constantly and bigger acts playing intimate shows, Concorde 2 should be the headquarters for the seaside music renaissance. Traditional but looking to grow, long live Concorde 2.

Let us know some of your best Concorde memories.

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