Coping Mechanisms – how can we all stay Healthy Mentally and Physically during the Pandemic

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Since the pandemic began, we have seen a lot of changes to our lifestyles and the way we maintain ourselves in a difficult situation. It has been a struggle for everyone, but it seems we are adapting and building new ways to manage that keep us happy and fulfilled. Staying healthy both mentally and physically are of the upmost importance during COVID-19 so get out that old bike or put your running shoes on and hit the streets!Written By Francis Meakins

With most of the places closed to the public, people have begun to look towards activities from home and the great kaleidoscope of nature to cope with the closure. The government has issued lockdown for this November and that is something we all must face together. Because of this, staying positive and finding healthy outlets for frustration and depression is on everyone’s mind and if we continue to look for coping mechanisms during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible to overcome the struggle and deal accordingly with the crisis we face. 

The outcomes of the current lockdown and what will be done to prevent the spread of the virus is uncertain. However, how we deal with the virus it is our own decision. Some of the activities that can be helpful in coping during the pandemic include exercise, reading, gaming, gardening, meditation, hobbies from home and of course interaction over face to face voice calls to keep us socially in tune. We are seeing more cyclists, runners, and pedestrians on the streets then ever and staying physically healthy is a great way to make sure the virus does not affect you and your loved ones. To stay in tune with our mental health, meditation apps such as ‘headspace’ and audio books like ’21 days of meditation’ could enhance our ability to relax and stay calm in the midst of such a strange and difficult situation. Additionally, there are many things you can do from home to keep yourself occupied, gardening is one of these practices and should you be able to bear with the cold of winter, your garden is a great place to work and there is so much you can do to it that will improve your home environment and bring a smile to the people you live with as well as your neighbours.

It is an especially worrying time for the elderly members of our society. As they are considered vulnerable and many are being told to self-isolate. So, we must do all that we can to help those close to us that struggle with day to day activities such a shopping and general outing. Because of this, it is important to stay in contact with elderly individuals we know, make sure you are making regular phone calls and if they are open to it, get the internet set up so you can show your face with some online video calls.

In a world where it seems our old ways of life are no longer viable options to our survival; new approaches must be taken. By keeping occupied with small activities that you can do on your own, frequent exercise to naturally evoke endorphins we crave and keeping in contact with friends and loved ones virtually, we will be able to beat this together and get life on a wholesome track for the future that is in uncertain resolution!!



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