Resources That Could really Help Your School in 2020

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There is no doubt about it, 2020 has provided some difficulties for the education industry. There has been widespread disruption to learning, whether it is in the form of pupils not being able to attend classes as usual or in terms of the challenges faced when attempting to correctly grade those students who sat exams.

Luckily, there are several resources out there that can help teachers get their classes back on track. These solutions come in various forms, and can help you to ensure that your school runs smoothly over the coming months, despite the challenges that you face.

While most schools are back in the classroom, it is of the highest importance that we are able to find the resources we need to help schools cope in light of any future issues.

Many of us had to make the transition to online teaching before the summer. However, this has not been easy to do. Even with programs like Teams and Meet that could help a class to come together, there is a lack of a system in place to wholly replicate learning in the same way we can see in the classroom, namely seeing the students desktops as well.

This is why platforms like are so important. They allow teachers, technicians, and school districts to create a base that can be worked upon to help deliver great results for the classes they are responsible for. By heading to, you are able to take advantage of not just the platform itself, but also digital strategy guides that can help you to discover the best route forward as an educator. Preparing for a virtual day’s teaching will be very different to one you might see if you were still in your classroom, and it is important that all the right tools are on your side to help deliver a good day’s work.

IFS’s Report

At the start of the UK’s lockdown, the Institute for Fiscal Studies conducted a report to capture real-time data of many different children’s experiences with online learning. This is a very important piece of research, so it is imperative that all teachers take a look at it to best determine a path that they can take with their own pupils.

For example, this report went into detail about some of the gaps that appeared between pupils depending on their overall household income. Data like this is very important. Though education policies are often written to be one-size-fits-all, this is very different from the reality that many teachers face. Anyone who needs to work with pupils in a disadvantaged area will likely see this first-hand, compared to someone who is teaching pupils in a higher-achieving school. Being able to understand the needs of every pupil as affected by their background is key, and can make all the difference when attempting to deliver a high-quality education online.

The Education Endowment Foundation

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The Education Endowment Foundation aims to offer a range of resources and information for educators. Over the coming months, as we all adapt to social distancing and other preventative measures, the organisation’s reports and information will prove invaluable.

For example, the Foundation recently offered a review of remote learning that could help teachers to unlock the full potential of both the tools they use and the students that they teach. The organisation offers a range of different resources, such as a blog, a podcast and tools that can help your school to offer the most cutting-edge, innovative education and student support possible. Using these tools, you can improve the learning experience and streamline your school, despite the challenges that the pandemic has caused.

Make The Most Of The Resources At Your Disposal

Everyone who works in, or for, a school knows that it’s not easy to manage the educations of hundreds, and potentially thousands, of pupils even at the best of times. During these tough times, it’s essential that you make the most of all of the resources at your disposal.

Most of these sites offer a variety of resources and ways to stay up to date with the latest news and views in the education world. For example, you could follow their blogs and receive email newsletter updates. Some of the experts that manage these sites also speak on podcasts, which are a great way to quickly learn new information.

Using these resources, you can ensure that you are up to date with the latest developments in the education market and that your school is making the best use out of its time, staff and money.

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