Could A Disney-Inspired Plan Tackle Child Obesity In Brighton & Hove?


Health chiefs are hoping that a Disney-inspired plan will help to tackle childhood obesity in the Brighton & Hove area.

The campaign will hope to encourage children to exercise throughout their summer holidays as evidence has shown that childhood obesity in Brighton & Hove is of increasing concern.

The upcoming project was announced mere days after it had been confirmed that 1 in 5 local four and five year old children were overweight.

Following research that school children aren’t doing enough exercise, Public Health England is targeting schools in Sussex and Surrey.

Despite figures for children in Sussex being better than the national average, the rates of childhood obesity do increase as they progress through school. For example it’s 1 in 5 for four to five year olds but more than a quarter of ten and eleven year olds are overweight.

So now health chiefs have partnered with a Change4Life initiative with the Walt Disney Company, Sports England and schools.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle for children, the initiative will show some of Disney’s most loved characters encouraging “10 minute shake ups”. Apparently the scheme will be “encouraging school children to do more exercise with a little bit of help from Elsa, Lightning McQueen and other Disney friends.”

The idea is that any ten minute burst of activity counts as a ‘shake up’ and goes towards the hour of physical exercise that is recommended every child does a day.

Every primary school child in Brighton and Hove will be on the receiving end of worksheets, stylised as passports and suitcases, with lessons taking place prior to the summer holidays so the children can decorate them.

Change4Life have commented that we can expect more projects in a similar vain to come in the autumn term.


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