Cuffs: Brightonians Opinions

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Did anyone watch the new police drama on the BBC last night? I did, only because I wanted to point out all the places I knew. Set in Brighton and Hove, Cuffs didn’t exactly make it seem the most welcoming place. With a stabbing, a child abduction, drunken Vikings on a nudist beach, a cash point being stolen, police harassment and one attempted suicide and one successful one (under the Pier, lovely) as well as a good ol’ car chase all in one episode, I felt the need to stress to my friends that don’t live here that it’s really not that bad and their parents shouldn’t be worried if they come and visit. But that’s the price you pay for having a police drama set where you live. From looking at the reactions on Twitter, many Britonians were pleased at how beautiful the City looked, some even stating it was the best thing about the drama. Even Brighton and Hove Policeman PC Conway enjoyed it, though noticed a few inaccuracies.

What did you think of Cuffs? Will you be watching the next episode? Comment below!!


feature image: BBC/Tiger Aspect

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