Forgot Your Card? No worries…Use Your Dress

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Today Mastercard announced that it had teamed up with designer Adam Selman to create better looking wearable technology. Smart watches and fitness trackers have already made their way into the mainstream but let’s face it, they don’t look that great, so that is why Mastercard are working to create contactless payment methods that you actually want to wear. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Completely unobtainable? You would think so. However, Barclaycard have already teamed up with fashion brand Lyle and Scott to create a contactless jacket. I’m being deadly serious. There is a small section in the fabric of the sleeve designed to hold a mobile payment chip, meaning one swipe of your arm and you’ve paid for your coffee. Or the other guy’s coffee, or that Hen Nights round of drinks…just don’t lean over the bar.

Casually paying for his tube fare with his jacket, as you do.

Adam Selman is just one of the partners signed up to develop these ideas with Mastercard, others include jewellery company Ringly, Bluetooth company TrackR and wearable technology maker Nymi. The designer apparently already has prototypes of two dresses, gloves, sunglasses and a handbag, all designed to hold mobile payment chips, with more coming in the future. Fashion and technology are intertwining more than ever, with many designers venturing into wearable technology. It’s exciting stuff, to think in a few years we won’t even have to take our gloves off when we walk into a shop. Though it does give you more to lose if you leave your sunglasses by the swimming pool!!

Wearable technology has already taken off, with things such as this Sony Watch and the Apple iWatch

You can check out the Lyle and Scott contactless jacket here

We can already pay with bracelets, so why not venture into sunglasses and dresses?

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