Dead Waves – New Monthly Event for Metal Lovers

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If you were near The Quadrant on Friday Night, you may have heard some booming metal from the top floor. No you were not dreaming, this was the boys and gals of a new monthly social night called Dead Waves.

Three of Brighton’s biggest metal patrons – New Noise Rock Show, South Coast Noise Society and Smokin’ Bones Club -have joined to create a social hub for lovers of the heavier genres.

Dead Waves//

This monthly event brings metal lovers together to enjoy time spent with mates and music, being a safe zone for all involved. Which, personally, I think is a brilliant idea to encourage all personalities to share their love of music and create new friendships and maybe spark new musical ventures.

The night includes awesome guest DJ’s such as, Billy Stone of Riff Til’ Yer Stiff and Dan Burton. As well as the night’s very own Sam and Joey of SBC and Nats Spada of New Noise.

Dan // Nats of New Noise Rock Show // Sam and Joey of SBC

For their very first night, it was a huge success and the buzz has already begun for the second one!

Find all these guys on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for the next event page.

New Noise Rock Show-

Smokin’ Bones Club-

South Coast Noise Society-

Photography and text by Lucy

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