Spray on Nail-Polish

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Do you have that friend that can paint their nails to top manicurist standard whilst curling their hair, ironing a shirt and coming up with a solution to combat climate change? Do you devote all your attention to paining your nails only to have them look like you’ve done it with your non-dominant hand whilst continually driving over speedbumps? Well fear no more, our prayers have been answered. And the answer is spray on nail polish. British nail polish brand Nails Inc have created a spray on formula in a can, and its blowing people’s minds. In terms of beauty innovation, it is definitely up there with dry shampoo. It’s fairly simple, just apply a base coat, shake the can and spray (I recommend putting some tissue down so you don’t end up spraying an outline of your hand on your dining room table), apply a top coat and then remove any spray from around the nails with a face wipe. Easy peasy. The revolutionary invention is coming to stores on the 12th of November and is in two colours, Hoxton Market and Shoreditch Lane. The face of the spray on nail polish? IT girl Alexa Chung, so don’t be surprised if they sell out in record speed. Priced at a reasonable £10, this is one of the many innovations Nails Inc have released. Previously creating NailKale, a range that infused the superfood Kale into their nail polishes to aid damaged nails. You can buy the spray on Nail Polish from the 12th on nailsinc.com. First hair tattoos and now spray on Nail Polish, what a time to be alive.

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Holly Martin


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