Digital Media Expert talk about methods of growing home improvement business online

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Homeowners continuously want to maintain, renovate and enhance the appearance of their properties. Although some homeowners prefer to handle their home upgrades, most would rather pay a contractor to do it for them. Furthermore, some home renovation projects, such as composite decking installation and electrical, will need specialised knowledge and experience in order to be completed properly and smoothly. Even for experienced DIYers, some huge improvements would be extremely difficult to do or would take an awful lot of time. That’s when you enter the picture.
As a home improvement contractor, you are well aware there is work available, but there is tough competition. This is particularly true for businesses that provide construction, maintenance, and remodelling services, such as UK composite decking supplier . You want to ensure that homeowners who require your services can locate you and that they contact you ahead of your competitors. Customers first do their search on the internet. Before contacting a business, almost every customer conducts research online.
The use of phone directories and newspaper listings is almost non-existent. Every home improvement business must have a presence on the internet. When prospective clients search the internet for home renovation services, how do you compete with other businesses? “Digital marketing is crucial to the growth of every business. You wouldn’t make any money if clients can’t discover you. That is why you have to invest time and money to ensure that they find your business.
The days of pricey magazines and TV ads are long gone.
If you’d like to get noticed, make sure you have a web presence, “said Jackson Edwards, Chief Technology Officer at Media Spunk, a marketing agency located in Wiltshire, South West England.  Jackson stressed that a strong online presence is essential for brand awareness, customer loyalty and business growth.
He outlined three key methods home improvement businesses can utilise to ensure their business growth. They are: Build an easy to navigate website. Many home improvement businesses still lack a website, much less one that is well- designed. It is important to have a website, even though it looks modest and simple.
If a client can’t access your website, either because it doesn’t exist or because it doesn’t appear in search engine result pages, they’ll head to a competitor who has one. According to Jackson, “It’s also important to consider the appearance of your website.
In today’s internet economy, having a range of items you supply isn’t enough. Customers want to see a well-designed, polished website that offers them the details they want. Consumers will leave your website if it is outdated, badly built, or amateurish in appearance. Customers are turned off by a terrible website, just as they dislike a degraded or disorganised shop.” “Users want to leave your website feeling well-informed and eager to make a purchase. This implies that you must present customers with accurate, simple, and easily accessible information.
They won’t be able to achieve it with a catalogue of products and poorly structured cell phone photographs. Invest in a clear website structure, brilliant quality graphics (even stock images are preferable to amateur photos), and user-friendly pages that properly showcase what your business is all about,” He added. Invest in SEO to ensure that visitors can discover your website. Jackson noted that SEO is the most powerful marketing strategy that home improvement businesses can use to boost web visibility online.
“With proper search engine optimisation, it is easy to locate or find your business online using keywords. For example, when anyone searches for the “UK composite decking supplier,” you want your business to show up among the first few search results,” Jackson explained.  So, how can you achieve this? He further stated, “You can invest heavily in an SEO agency, and although that can be very successful, there are some low-cost options for helping your company improve its results.
All SEO is intended to assist Google in finding your website when certain keywords are searched, allowing you to rank higher than your competition,” Content Marketing Jackson adds that websites that are regularly adding fresh content tend to rank higher in search engines.
“You can integrate a blog into your website and use it to create articles promoting your company. Composite warehouse, for instance, includes how-to articles, a customer gallery, and complete guides on their website. You can offer valuable suggestions and ideas for upcoming projects.
This will encourage visitors to return to your site. They visit for the valuable advice you offer, and once they’re there, they may opt to learn more about your business. Nicer still, they may reach out to you for the product they’re looking for. If they aren’t prepared to contact you right away, they will recognise your business afterwards. You’re continuously giving search engines extra things to display in results pages as you create and post more content. As you’re doing that, you’re also building a brand image,” He explained.

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