Disco Pete has opened an exhibition at the Fishing Quarter Gallery!

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This weekend there will be a new exhibition opening in Brighton at the Fishing Quarter Gallery. The exhibition explores the life and art of Disco Pete a much loved local legend in Brighton. We contacted Philip Sugg, who organised the exhibition along with Disco Petes daughter Vanessa Turner, to learn more.


What inspired the exhibition? The exhibition explores the life and art of Disco Pete , who is a well known local character dancing at festivals and discos in his special costumes.

What kind of exhibition is it? Not so well known is his art and poetry , particularly his elegies for the West Pier. These make up the exhibition at the Fishing Quarter Gallery which opened on the 4th of June and and ends on Saturday 16th June.

Why did you choose to get involved? As a trustee of the Fishing Museum and an artist, I was approached by his daughter Vanessa to help sort out his work when he finally moved to a care home. Pete is a descendant of JW Turner, and, although self taught, I believe he is  is an artist of real talent.
Why do you think Disco Pete is loved by so many locals? Disco Pete is loved as one of Brighton’s eccentrics , for his love of dancing and his joy in life. This exhibition curated by myself and designed by Amanda Rosenstein Davidson shows his deeper side and feeling for Brighton and Sussex.
Will there be more in the future? Although our exhibition only lasts 2 weeks we hope a more permanent home will be found to preserve this beautiful and historic collection.
How is Pete doing these days? Disco Pete himself will visit the show on Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th. Although he is now wheelchair bound we hope he will enjoy the exhibition, including a special tribute by a children’s group. Where possible we will open from 10 to 5.
This exhibition will be open free of charge (though donations to the Fishing Museum help to support the gallery).
Photo taken by Vanessa. A sneak peak into to the exhibition.


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