Do Brits prefer the online casino world compared to physical venues?

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It is hard to ignore the rise of online casinos – they are everywhere! Where once upon a time, you’d see bingo halls and casinos all over the UK, the internet-enabled developers and casino companies to take the most love games online.

Uptake of online bingo and other casino games happened quickly and led to a rapid decline in brick-and-mortar establishments. Online casinos offer more casino games, better prices, incredible promotions, and sign-up bonuses that physical venues couldn’t compete with.

Although you can still have a lot of fun when you head to a land-based casino or bingo hall – you can get the most from your budget when you play online.

There are a lot of benefits for players to switch from playing at physical casinos; let’s look at why so many people in the UK changed.

UK gambling laws

 The UK gambling laws are some of the world’s most comprehensive and player-friendly laws. Many countries looked to the Uk when they began implementing their regulations.

All forms of gambling are available for players 18 and over, and many forms are allowed for those 16 and over. You can play with friends in a private home without permission so long as there is no charge for playing the game.

The Gambling Commission regulated all forms of gambling, including gambling software providers, lotteries, remote gambling, betting, bingo, arcades, casinos, and more.

New rules came into play in 2021 that further protected the players. An outright ban of features that speed up play, the illusion of control over the outcome auto-play, and slot spins faster than 2.5 seconds.

Since the UK has clear rules about gambling and an open attitude towards playing, it isn’t considered taboo.

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Why do UK players prefer online casinos?

 Bingo and other betting have been a hobby for millions in the UK, and there would be nothing better than heading to your local community hall, casino, or bingo hall to play with friends.

But once online casinos were available, millions of people made the switch.


When they were first released, mobile phones couldn’t do much more than making a call; over time, they became as smart as a computer – but in the palm of your hand. Smartphones meant that people could play their favourite games whenever they wanted.

In the UK, over 79% of adults play their favourite games on their mobile phones, and one of the most popular choices is poker, bingo or slots.

Mobile game development technology allows creators to deliver visually stunning and immersive games wherever and whenever.

Promos and bonuses

Many casinos and bingo halls offer special events and occasionally reduce rates, free chips or something else. These offers are usually few and far between because land-based casinos have high overheads, and they aren’t in a position to offer the incredible bonuses that can be found online.

Assume that you have a budget of £30 to play your favourite game; when you go to a regular casino, once that £30 is gone – your night is over. But online casinos offer to match your initial deposit and, in some cases, triple them. Already you have £60 instead of £30; add the number of casinos that offer free spins on their slots, a free daily scratch card, new players’ rooms with reduced costs, and so much more.

It becomes easy to see those online casinos have a higher value to the player, not just with the sign-up. After the initial sign-up, most casinos and bingo websites will offer their players exciting bonuses often. It’s great for the casino in terms of retention, but it also means that players will consistently get more value from their deposits.

This method is commonly used by a variety of new online casinos to help build up their customer base and attract players to their new site. A new casino site needs to build a good reputation and establish themselves into the casino market and this is a great way to do so.

You can shop around and check out the best offer before you sign up, too – because there is so much choice online, you can find the best casino for what you want to play. Although most casinos offer a wide range of games, some specialise in poker, bingo, slots or other games.

What’s more, when you often download a casino app, you get more exclusive bonuses.


Often unless you live in the main city or close enough by then, you won’t have a nearby casino. But when you play online, you don’t need to catch a bus, train, taxi or drive to the casino.

It’s right there – no matter what you want to play, you can access it. UK players love the ease that online casino brings. Considering that somewhere in the region of 3 million people in the UK work night shifts, they will often miss out on things that typically happen in the evening.

Not only that, but in terms of availability, game studios can deliver the most significant amount of games to websites and mobile apps. So if a player likes to play slots but then switches to a game of bingo – they can usually have the bingo on auto-dab in the background while playing slots. Something impossible when playing in person.

The number of games that are available online far exceeds the number of games that even the most prominent casino can offer.

No matter what you want to play, there is always a table, a ‘machine’, and a game just seconds away.

Those are just three reasons that the players of the UK make a substantial switch to enjoying online casinos. And it’s not hard to see why!

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