Do Males or Females have Better Car Maintenance Knowledge?

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There is an outdated stereotype that men are the ones that know their way around under the bonnet, but how true is this? Jardine Motors recently carried out a study looking into British motorists and their knowledge of basic car maintenance testing 1,000 motorists with questions based on the show me, tell meelement of the practical driving test.

Women Had Greater Knowledge

So, are men or women better when it comes to car maintenance? Against the stereotype, 56% of the male drivers that participated were unable to perform the various safety checks compared to 47% of drivers. 68% of men did not know how to check their brakes compared to 54% of women while 34% of men didnt know how to check tyre tread pressure compared to 23% of women. One area where men came out ahead was changing a tyre with 53% claiming that they could compared to just 30% of women.

Most Need to Improve

This suggests that women have better knowledge when it comes to basic car maintenance, but neither gender hardly painted themselves in glory and the results suggest that many would fail their driving test if they had to take it again today. This is worrying because a lack of basic maintenance skills and knowledge could not only cause issues with the vehicle but also lead to safety issues that could endanger the motorist and other road users.

The Benefits of Basic Maintenance

This is why both men and women should brush up on their basic vehicle maintenance knowledge if they do not know how to look after their vehicle. Basic vehicle maintenance is easy to learn and it can reduce the chance of a breakdown or costly repair, extend the life of the vehicle and increase safety amongst a range of other benefits.

Used Cars

It is particularly important to know how to do basic maintenance if you shop in the used car market so that you can spot any potential issues with a used car as well as know how to look after it. Cars inevitably deteriorate in quality over time so you need to be aware of this in the used car market and do all that you can to keep it in the best possible condition, including topping up fluids and tyre pressure, checking the tyre tread depth, changing the engine oil, replacing filters and more.

It appears that men are not so knowledgeable when it comes to basic car maintenance with women having a better understanding of what is happening under the bonnet according to the study. It seems that both men and women could do with brushing up on their knowledge and skills, though, which will hopefully help them to keep their vehicles in the best possible condition, prolong the life of the car and ensure that they are driving safely.

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