More Family Holiday Ideas for Summer 2021

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As we make our way further into 2021, the summer months are fast approaching. With that comes the kids off school and the realisation that, as a parent, you need to begin planning fun activities to fill the time!  

Following a challenging twelve months for us all, the prospect of heading off on holiday in the coming months is undoubtedly something getting us through these next few months! Not to mention, it is something that you should look forward to entirely.  

With this in mind, we have created a helpful guide below for families big and small who are in the process of planning summer holiday plans for 2021. No matter your preference or budget, we feel confident you will find something inspiring here!  

 Staycation Ideas 

Following reports that staycations have increased in popularity in recent years, this is ultimately something that is worth a suggestion in this piece. With the latest Coronavirus restrictions gradually lifted over time, the opportunity to head on a staycation elsewhere in the country is high.  

  • Iceland: While this might not be the first destination people think of, it is an underrated place for families. Especially those looking for a family holiday that offers them ample opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Not to mention, there are plenty of free activities available for families big and small; you would not be breaking the bank.  


  • The Maldives: What was once a destination sought after by honeymooners, those days are far behind us! Nestled in the Indian Ocean, you should expect crystal clear waters and picturesque scenery like something off the silver screen. This is an ideal summer holiday destination for those looking to completely relax, for there are several family-friendly, all-inclusive resorts on offer. What more could you want?  

 We hope that you have enjoyed this piece and that wherever you choose to venture this summer, that it is thoroughly enjoyable! It is certainly something we have longed for and that we deserve.  

Let’s jump into some of the best locations in the UK for a staycation as a family. They include the following:  


  • Cornwall: With an abundance of seaside towns and cities, we can see why families and others are often drawn to this beautiful corner of the country. When spending a holiday here with your family, you can expect to find various family-friendly activities to pass the time, with some even welcoming dogs too; no need to leave your four-legged friend out of the fun!  


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  • Lake District: Another picturesque area of the country, and one that is ideal for those who are thrill-seekers and want to spend an increased amount of time outside with their families! Those who opt for a staycation in this area of the country can expect to find many hiking trails and outdoor activities to choose from. You will truly be spoiled for choice. Whether you opt for a log cabin as a family or would prefer to live a more authentic life through the means of camping, you will be sure to find something appealing here.  


 International Holidays 

International travel feels like something of a fever dream as of late. For some people, it has been a little under two years since we last felt the tropical heat tingling our skin; how we wish to be back on those sun-kissed beaches!  

However, with the recent news that travel corridors could be established with various international countries by as early as June 28th, optimism concerning our ability to travel internationally has undoubtedly increased.  

While we recognise families like yourself will be itching to book your summer holiday, it is worth noting that you will want to protect yourself if something crops up in the meantime. This includes illness (such as Coronavirus itself), injury, and the country not having its borders open for tourists. 

Getting insurance for your holiday from the likes of Staysure and various other insurance providers would ensure you, your family, and your holiday are protected.  

Concerning family-friendly destinations, you could consider the following: 

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