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We have a strong bond with the local community here at Brighton Journal – it’s at the forefront of everything we do. And that ethos extends to local businesses, after all, we’re a local enterprise ourselves. We work closely alongside restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, event companies, charities, artists and festivals, as well as others – there are too many to name! What binds them all together is locality and a need to expose their product or service to the Brighton public. Featured Image © University of Sussex

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What are your strong points?

We feel a kinship to all local businesses situated close by, both fledgling and established, and we empathise with the difficulties in spreading the message about your name effectively. As well as identifying exactly what you want to market it is also crucial to understand your pain points. Then you have to factor in the cost and time it takes to audit and then bring these things to the public consciousness. Maybe marketing isn’t you strongest point and you could use your time better by developing other areas of the business? Maybe you need a trouble shooter…

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That’s where we come in; we have a strong team of writers here who have a varied skill set to meet the needs of any business. In recent months we have created campaigns for giant brands such as The Ivy and the Harbour Hotel Group, but we have also teamed up with fiercely independent companies such as Bogan Bingo over at Komedia.

It doesn’t matter how established a business may be, there will always be a desire to tell the local community about what you have to offer.

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Who are we?

We have the people on hand to meet a variation of needs. We can currently boast a team of 8 superstars, all armed with a superb eye for a story. Our writers can call upon journalist capabilities, as well as copy writing expertise, social media marketing knowledge, a touch of graphic design flair and much more. In addition to this collective base of content creating skills, we also have individual powers and interests.

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To give you an introduction to some of our writers: Hannah adds sociological perspectives drawn from her studies at Bristol University, and has a special interest in the people and culture of the city. Lorraine has an MA in journalism, loves connecting with the local community and has an aptitude for writing on environmental topics. This writer has an MA in creative writing and has a strong background in content writing for websites, particularly those in the service industry. The Editor, Elin, is an Icelandic author and spent eight years running major nationally-distributed publications in her homeland before founding Brighton Journal.

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What do we offer?

There are three general areas we exploit to help you make the most of your story and brand. With a targeted audience and the correct approach, we can help you deliver the right message to the correct people at the right time. Here are the three areas and a summary of each:

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We take your product and add our voice, flair and positive spin on it before sharing it with our vast audience. This will do wonders for your promotional reach.


You can take over large sections of our website in order to promote your product by featuring on banners. This display advertising is effective because of its vibrancy and visibility.

Content Writing

We take away the headache of writing effective content so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business – it’s what we’re trained to do and it’s what we enjoy doing most of all. We will listen, research, write and then edit in order to produce the best marketing copy possible.

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We have a strong and loyal following. Our readers head to the Brighton Journal to read and learn about the local community. We are proud to say we are the go to place for over 100,000 readers locally every month. Working with us you would also make the most of 13,000+ new social media followers. These impressive figures are rising all the time, as we continue to produce newsworthy editorials, cutting-edge interviews and effective marketing strategies for local businesses. Please get in touch with us if you need some help. You can drop us a line via our contact form on the website or through our social media channels. An informal chat is the first step towards a relationship with us.

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