Dr Blighty – the reason for Brighton’s multi-coloured Pavilion

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In the last few weeks videos and pictures have been doing the rounds on social media of our beautiful Brighton pavilion being brought to life by a plethora of different colours and lights. Did you know you can actually go and see the lighting show live?

Blighty was invited to conduct this exhibition to commemorate the lives of over 2000 Indian soldiers who were injured on the Western Front in WW1 and housed in a temporary hospital within the Royal Pavilion. The exhibition aims to give prominence to this feature of Brighton’s modern history by bringing the experience of these injured soldiers and those who cared for them to life.

Dr Blighty who specialises in soundscape projection and theatrical experience will continue to showcase his work over the weekend. On both Friday and Saturday this week he will be treating his audiences to some of his wonderful work. For those of you booked up during the day you can also see the show-stopper of Blighty’s work with the Pavilion Projection being presented on a 10 minute loop from 9.30pm-10.30pm. Don’t worry if you miss the 9.30 start however as the loop will feature at least 3 times in the hour. Those potentially interested are encouraged to make it down to the Pavilion Gardens well ahead of 9.30 as space may be limited especially on the East lawn with these last few days of the projection expected to be extremely busy.

The projections are inspired by the letters and memoirs sent home from the injured soldiers, the show reflecting how even in the dark light, hope and happiness can be found anywhere. Under the cover of darkness, Blighty powerfully conveys the illumination of hope to bring the walls of the Royal Pavilion to life in an explosion of colour and light.

Here’s a taster of the show:



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