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Brighton Journal | 31st May 2020

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Why your name on a cup can be life changing

Why your name on a cup can be life changing
Kat Hoare
  • On 10th February 2020

Last week Starbucks together with Trans charity Mermaids launched a groundbreaking “What’s Your Name” video campaign.  The video shows a transgender person previously known as Gemma, finally getting their new name of James recognised by having it written on their paper cup.  Lorcan Bevan, a 24-year old Barista from Hove praised Starbuck’s recent campaign as “Impressive…’s quite risky.Starbucks have a lot to lose by running the campaign.”

Lorcan whose birth gender was female now identifies as non-binary has lived in Brighton for 5 years and has experienced a similar revelation on trying out a new name written on a coffee cup.

“I tried out Zak and a barista drew a heart after it .- That warmed me at a time when I was not able to tell many people.  It’s when you and one person only know your name.”

Lorcan added that within the Brighton trans community, there were still fears of prejudice and abuse.  “There are still people who don’t feel safe.  But this campaign is more for everyone else outside the community in Brighton”

Thats whats so impressive. Its quite risky. They have quite a lot to lose by running this campaign.”

A spokesperson from Brighton & Hove’s The Clare Project stated “We are delighted with the Mermaids / Starbucks partnership and the high profile it brings to the trans community.”

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