Drive-in movies are set for a comeback

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A new social phenomenon could take place as the world enters a new phase of dealing with Covid-19. Event professionals propose that drive-in movie screenings could be brought back and undoubtedly with it, new product launches. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the delay of coveted 2020 blockbusters like Disney and Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” and MGM’s James Bond film “No Time To Die.”

Written by Winnie Liu

Not only does it come with its benefits of social distancing, it is a new, arguably more communal, or even more romantic venue for watching movies in the comfort of one’s vehicle. It returns us to an era of nostalgia, much like the scenes of the movie ‘Grease’.

There are predicted to be great avenues of growth for this type of strategy, with its unique positioning on the market. Before Covid-19’s spread, London would tend to have only few outings per year, with big screen events such as Wimbledon drawing great crowds. Therefore, showing outdoor screenings particularly during the day is practically a new concept. And now, business is booming.

If we look towards America, for example, we see that it is only less than 5% of all drive-ins that have been forced to shut down as nonessential business. Drive-ins could benefit more if Hollywood blockbusters were made specifically for them. Drive-in theatres throughout the U.S. have not only remained open but have seen spikes in revenue as consumers desperately look for ways to escape their houses while abiding by the rules of social distancing. With peak boredom hitting many households, people are eager to be part of something new, so this experience would be a great sight to behold. We would all love to be with our families, enjoying something in a safe atmosphere, to experience entertainment.

To be even more successful, more stimulus packages should be introduced, such as concessions, as such screenings are often more pricey than a typical theatre screenings for the same film. Plans could also be in place to reassure potential customers of steps taken to minimise guest movements and exposure, such as staggered entry and designated arrival times.

Speaking of which, what is a premier without a red carpet? The concept is so flexible that it allows space for ingenuity such as isolated cubicles for interviews, and sponsors to line up in a safe way. It does though, depend on what the talent is comfortable with, and which studio, as to the layout. More excitingly, sponsor vehicles could become an essential key to the operations of the event. Even customised phone apps to order food and to provide intimate interactions at the parking lots could take effect. It is a light-hearted idea, for the press, as well as social challenges and can be used to add buzz to the event.

Even with the inevitable return of movies to theatres, people will still be weary of attending non-open air, and non-essential activities, as people wish for a sense of normalcy. This concept could still work for a multitude of events such as graduation, presentations, concerts, and even social events like product launches.

Despite the issues raised by coronavirus and perhaps minute details like comfort of seats during the movie, many people are still wanting to attend to such events. This highlights the importance of the world’s moviegoing experience.


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