Fabulous Footwear – Brighton Street Style

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Shoes! Love them or loathe them, you’ve got to wear them. A pair of shoes can make or break an outfit and the same applies to your feet.  For this reason, today’s Brighton Street Style edit is dedicated to ladies leading the way by wearing fashionable footwear but with a durable edge. Expect to see a lot of Dr Martens…

DSC_1553Louisa is looking laid back yet very fashionable. Louise is donning a practical look as when photographed she was on her way to her painting studio, so needed to wear something casual and comfortable. In regards to fashion taste, Louisa gets her style inspiration from vintage clothing and likes to incorporate pieces from different decades in to her outfits. Her coat is vintage, her bag is from Zara and her top is actually a mens t-shirt from Primark. Interestingly, she found her vintage jeans in her Grannies house; they’re a perfect fit and had obviously been waiting for Louisa for 20 years!

DSC_1562Alex is looking striking in her leopard print coat. Alex gets her fashion inspiration from 60’s/70’s rock musicians and absolutely loves Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull. As a fashion promotions student, Alice certainly knows about style and her favourite shops are Topshop, Urban Outfitters but also vintage and charity shops. Her coat is from Mango, her top is from a charity shop, her skirt is from Topshop and her shoes are fabulous Dr Martens. Alice has been known to splurge when it comes to clothes shopping but at the same time is happy to shop in charity shops and sees clothes as an investment.

DSC_1579Jade is looking very fashionable on her way to Cosmosis festival in Manchester, hence the luggage and bedding. Jade has lived and worked in Brighton for seven years and is loving her time here. She enjoys shopping in charity shops but also raiding her mums wardrobes. Jade adores sewing and makes a lot of her clothes and although she didn’t make any of today’s outfit, she has altered it to make it fit perfectly. Jade would describe herself as a bargain hunter and refuses to spend more than £10 on any item of clothing!

DSC_1578Olivia is looking elegant in her chic fur coat. She gets her fashion inspiration from Brighton people watching and admires the fact that in Brighton you can wear what you want and when you want. Olivia is a singer and in the band XYX and loves to dress funky and glittery when she’s on stage. Today’s outfit is featuring trousers from Urban Outfitters, a coat from K&G and a pair of hip Vagabond boots.

DSC_1567Izzy is the younger sister of Olivia and is visiting Brighton especially to watch Olivia’s band. Similarly to Olivia, Izzy also gets style inspiration from the Brighton fashion scene. She enjoys shopping in high street shops but also in vintage shops such as Beyond Retro. Today’s outfit is all high street clothing; her skirt is from River Island, her top is from Urban Outfitters, her jacket is a Harrington jacket and her cute cat Dr Martens lookalikes are from a shop in the North Laines.

Sally, Gina and Katie are 3 fashionable friends studying at the University of Brighton.

Sally likes comfortable fashion and has a practical dress sense as she is an artist and things can get messy. She usually shops in charity shops and likes to look for bargains as she is living on a student budget.

Gina is also an art student and likes to shop in charity shops. Gina would call her fashion style ‘rustic’ as she likes the old school look and has accumulated a lavish collection of Dr Martens, all in black and brown.

Katie is a maths and business student. Her favourite colour is green and as a result she wears a lot of it. She enjoys shopping at vintage shops but sometimes finds them overpriced and will then accordingly opt for a charity shop. Sally, Gina and Katie all agree that their favourite brand is Dr Martens. You look great girls!

Photographs: Kamilah McInnis

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Kamilah McInnis


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