Falmer Market Welcomes Sussex University Students to Campus


Ah freshers week! That iconic first week of university that welcomes new students to the city, often accompanied by a wave of hangovers. This week, the Brighton Journal team popped along to Sussex University’s Tuesday Market, to see whats on offer for the new students in Brighton.

Full of fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, street food, vintage clothing stalls, (and our personal favourite) a second hand book stall, the freshers at Sussex are treated to a wide selection of welcoming treats.

Falmer Quad was full of hungry students, eager to get their steaming box of fresh paella, or chocolate fix from one of the homemade brownies. Brighton Journal caught up with freshers and flatmates, Maddie and Maria in one of the lengthly queues for food:

Hi guys! What made you want to study at Sussex? 

Maria: I’ve always wanted to move to Brighton, I feel really lucky as a student to be able to live and study here. I’ve lived in Dubai most of my life but have family in the UK so we came to Brighton for day-trips in the summer when I was younger.

Maddie: Me too! I’ve never lived by, or really ever seen the sea before, so I can’t wait for the sun to come back so I can have a beach day.

Is it hard leaving home for the first time?

Maria: Yes, I’m already really homesick but I’ve had my mum on FaceTime most nights! I’m sure once I get used to the city I’ll be fine, but its hard coming from a different country. I think the jet lag makes me emotional ha ha!

Maddie: I’m okay with it! The city seems so welcoming and colourful, I hope it starts to feel like home soon.

A handmade jewellery stall at University of Sussex’s Tuesday Market

It is always warming to interview people who comment on the welcoming, community aspect of Brighton. The city is home to two major Universities, and home to approximately 40’000 students.

Vintage clothing attracting the new students

The Brighton Journal team left Sussex’s Tuesday market with a sense of pride for our city that so many students are exciting to call their new home – but not without a box of seafood paella of course!

Freshly cooked Paella from University of Sussex’s Tuesday Market

The Tuesday market is held in Falmer Quad, University of Sussex Campus, 11am-5pm.






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