City Council To Discuss Major Tourism Masterplan

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Brighton and Hove City thrives on tourism, yet the economic benefit of this will come under scrutiny today (27th September) as talks go ahead regarding a five-year tourist masterplan.

Tourism can only truly benefit locals if employment is able to thrive. Future tourism must also follow with Brighton and Hove’s strong desire to practice sustainability. The Council commented that “tourism has driven how this city has developed over the last 250 years”, but has also brought about significant increase in waste and rubbish littering the streets.  Therefore, the welfare of the local economy who may be affected by tourism comes of great importance.

The Council’s Committee is responsible for everything tourism based from employment to culture.

Today, the Tourism Development and Culture Committee will meet to discuss an Economic Strategy. This is aimed at securing more jobs and bringing in more money. Their main points of discussion include:

  • Creating more space for homes and infrastructure
  • Collaborating with partners to establish Brighton and Hove as “one of the UK’s most economically vibrant, inclusive and future-facing cities.”
  • Develop sustainable tourism
  • Improve the environment

The city makes an estimated over £850m a year from tourism alone. Major events such as Pride, Brighton Fringe, marathons and the idyllic seafront draw in millions of day-trippers.

Tourism currently supports 21,760 jobs, and helps over 1000 independent businesses draw in sales of products such as ice cream, vintage clothing and art.

Artist impression of how a restored Madeira Terrace would look

The council will also discuss how the masterplan can kickstart restoration projects of some of Brighton’s most beloved features, including the reuse of the iconic Madeira Terrace. The report claims “Phase One [of the project] will see the restoration and conversion of 69 of the 150 Victorian arches”, a sight many locals will be pleased to see. This discussion comes after the Heritage Lottery Fund of £463,947 was declined last year. The Council have reapplied and we should expect a decision by December 2018.

If you would like to attend the Tourism Development & Culture Committee meeting it is open to the public. 4pm, 27th September, Hove Town Hall, BN3 3BQ.

Alternatively, you can view the agenda for their meeting here. 

Featured image by Garry Knight.


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