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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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Feel Your Luminous Power

Feel Your Luminous Power
Hannah Midgley

What a perfect weekend for the May Brighton festival!

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, a feeling of relaxation and celebration sweeps over Brighton as we welcome the flood of day trippers and festival goers.

Friends share their views and opinions on the various shows and gigs they have attended from the wide range on offer to cater for everyone’s taste and the occasional spare ticket comes up for grabs on Facebook.

In addition, to the Festival & Fringe schedule and the Open House Trails the second weekend in May is also the date for the fabulous extravaganza of St Ann’s Well Garden Spring Festival in Hove.  This was the 10th year and by now its reputation for a great day out is well known and the party began with the Brighton School of Samba dancing up the main path to the Bowling Green at 11am!

As a resident of Hove for 18 years I always pop along to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy a cake and share brief chats and hugs with other locals that I haven’t seen for a while.  However, this year for the first time I was there in a professional capacity, under the umbrella of Brighton & Hove StressBusters which is a community stress management group powered by Sussex Wellbeing Company.

I became a member of Brighton & Hove StressBusters at the beginning of the year to fulfill my need to be part of a team.  Working as a Holistic Health practitioner can, at times, be isolating.  We are well serviced in Brighton with therapists, healers and counsellors offering an incredible range techniques to help us improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Many, like myself, working from home without regular contact and input from colleagues.

StressBusters is a forum open to different therapists, practitioners, instructors and the members of the local community who are interested in exchanging knowledge and learning different approaches to health & wellbeing. I just loved the ethos of people coming together to share ideas, spread the messages of health and happiness and encourage a business model of collaboration rather than competition – so I joined.

On Saturday at St Ann’s Well Festival ten of us combined our talents and enthusiasm to create a stall in The Scented Garden and share our expertise on how to keep stress levels down and enhance your physical and psychological wellbeing.  We offered consultations and tasters throughout the day, ran a raffle with fantastic prizes and gave out de-stress tips.  It was such an excellent day, improve by a sunny afternoon of course.

I ran a Vital Development Mindful Movement session in the late afternoon and was very impressed by the group of nine or so teenagers that joined in. 3629504327_9574484715_bCourageously they participated in exercises designed to help us feel more grounded and centred. Then inspired by the weather we all danced our inner radiance and luminosity, designed to induce feelings of increased confidence and power. It was fun and I hope they took away a slightly expanded view of what they can achieve through embodying this vibrant energy of the sun.  Maybe next year they will come back again with their friends and we can do one of my favourite exercises from the Vital Development Method a Tribal Earth Dance”  and maybe you will join us too………..


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