Fig trees spotted in Brighton

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On a warm afternoon stroll along Brighton’s beautiful promenade, Rose Jones took an interest in the various flowers blooming around Paston Place. As she turned towards the sea, looking for photo opportunities, she came across a snap that was more of an unexpected find than the lapping waves. Growing gracefully up the walls were a couple of fig trees in full swing.

“ It took me a second to realise what type of fruit they were – not expecting to see figs in this country – I have obviously seen them in Mediterranean countries! I have a friend who adores them and will pick them directly off trees whenever she spots them” Rose explains. “ Brighton certainly felt very exotic for a moment with the figs and the sunshine – a glorious sunshiny afternoon on Friday”

With the English climate having become warmer over the last decade or two, and as the South makes a good (not great) place, if any, for vineyards in the country, it seems almost right that these Southern European trees should pop up in our lively city.

“I suppose they can’t need great soil and they must enjoy warm and dry and that position offers them reasonable protection. I can only imagine that someone dropped a fig down there at some point…” says Rose.

So, horticulturalists, admirers and figgy pudding aficionado’s if you’re looking for some sweet botanical beauty around the city, this might be your spot.

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