“Still has to take in the washing when it rains”

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Last Sunday was the last night of the Fringe this year and we headed to the Warren to see Guy Lloyds sold out show ‘Radio Blah Blah’. Guy is a well known Brightonian whom ran a popular radio show on Juice FM when that was still going strong.

We met with Guy after his show for a quick chat about fame, future and fortune or maybe more lack of fortune. Depends how you look at it!

Guy Lloyd, Radioh Blah Blah

We met with Guy Lloyd after his performance of Radioh Blah Blah on the last night of The Fringe. Here's our last episode for Fringe2019. Find out the ups and downs of being a local celebrity and what the future holds for Guy Lloyd.Brighton Fringe Guy Lloyd The Warren RadioBlahBlah Latest Music BarAsda #brighton

Posted by Brighton Journal on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

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