Free Music Production Classes for Young Women

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Here’s your chance to apply for FREE Digital Music Production Classes for young women only.




Would it surprise you if I said less than 50% of Music Producers are female?

Would it surprise you more if I said it was less than 20%?

According to The Music Producers Guild, only 6% of producers are female.


Out of 100 producers, 6 of those are women.

Give me a room of 5,000 producers, and there will only be 300 women there.

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Audio Active have begun this incredibly important initiative to provide young women the tools, training and resources necessary to become producers, in an industry that devastatingly lacks them.

More than 90% of the music you will listen to on the radio will be engineered and created by men. This is why I consider these Female-only Digital Music Production Workshops to be vitally important, and they cover a huge variety of topics. Their focus is not solely on music production itself, but the classes cover beat making, live looping, recording and song-writing.

And the best part?

It’s all for free.

And why shouldn’t it be? This industry is overwhelmingly male dominated. As fantastic as some of the work that is created by these young men- it’s so important to give young women a chance to believe they belong in the industry too. Because they do. Which is exactly what Audio Active are trying to push.

Led by female tutors, Audio Active provide a safe environment where regardless of what experience you have, they provide high quality and “state of the art resources” and continual engagement aimed at getting the best out of every student.

These free sessions run on Thursday, between 6:30 – 8:30 pm, at Bottega Rooms, Melbourne St. If you would like to sign up to this fantastic opportunity, follow this link.

In the words of Rag’N’Bone Man:

“AudioActive are doing something to ensure that regardless of wealth or background, young people get a chance to be creative. I can’t support that enough.”

Neither can we.

I was able to speak to the lovely Cate Ferris, of the tutors on the course. She explained a little more of their goals and ambitions for the company:

“It’s important that women, from an artistic point, can make their own sound without having to rely on anyone. Usually women are delegated to being the singer, but its important that they can explore becoming producers, engineers… The Equaliser sessions are about rebalancing and normalising the roles of women in the music industry”.

I asked about topics they usually cover in a workshop. She explained it was very dependent on what the young women would like to do during the session:

“We have a great staff with a broad knowledge, from anything Ableton to Logic, to recording, mixing, editing… anything that they want to have a go at! You don’t need to have any previous experience” she adds. “We just want women who have an interest in music and wanting to give it a go”.

Audio Active have created an absolutely fantastic opportunity for young women. This allows them to take control of their own music career, meet other young women, gain incredible support from tutors and become a master in the field they love. I am personally very excited to see what comes of this project and would love to encourage young women to sign up for this opportunity.

If you would like to join the course, do not hesitate to sign up here.

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