Friday Feeling: Too Tired To Enjoy Yourself?

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Another Friday has come around. Not feeling all too excited and ready for the weekend? So exhausted you think you’ll just sleep through the weekend? We are here to either help you embrace the slob or put a kick back in your step!

Things to do when embracing the slob:

  1. Pamper yourself. Take a nice bubbly bath with some body oils, my favourite time to do this is before bed as I will use some sleep aiding oils. By the time I am out of the bath I will not have a care in the world and sleep like a baby.
  2. Do some baking, or order in some treats sit on the sofa and indulge, watching some TV or diving into a good book. You don’t need to feel guilty you’ve earnt this after your week at work! You may even feel productive for reading.
  3. Hot yoga. This may sound like a lot of effort, but if your mind is buzzing from the week at work and you really can’t think about anything else, hot yoga will calm you into a more meditative state. Thoughts will come through more clearly, and you will be ready for that deep slumber you so desperately need.
  4. Meet a friend for a coffee, or invite them over for one. Nothing is more relaxing and easy than a catch up with a good friend. They’ve seen you at your worst multiple times and really don’t care about you being in your PJ’s, they’re just happy to see you for a natter.

Things to get you feeling energised:

  1. Go exercise. I bet it’s the last thing you want to do, but afterwards you’ll have this amazing boost of energy and feel like a new person.
  2. Fuel your body with whole and fresh foods, and lots of water. This instantly wakes me up, when I’m feeling super lethargic in the day it is usually because I’m dehydrated or haven’t eaten enough.
  3. Consume something you know will inspire you to work hard and get busy and not waste your time. For me this could be as simple as a movie or a podcast to help me remember my goals and want to go out and make them happen.
  4. Do something you have been meaning to do for ages but keep putting off. Once you have done the dreaded task you will feel so accomplished and just good about yourself you may get on a role and finish off all of those jobs, or feel so pleased you can reward yourself with acting like the aforementioned slob.
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