Friendly Vibes at Revenge Last Weekend

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Brighton is at the heart of the LGBT community in England, and nowhere symbolises that more than Club Revenge. Being Brighton’s biggest gay club, it is one of the most exciting and friendly venues in the city. In this day and age, there is no room for violence of any kind over somebody’s sexual orientation. Club Revenge symbolises the amazing ideologies that are echoed throughout Brighton, the ideology that you can be whoever it is you want to be without fear of prejudice of judgement. Gay, straight, both, neither, who cares. We’ve taken a look at some of the photos from last weekends club night to remind ourselves of that very fact..

revenge dance shot
Revenge is one of the biggest clubs in Brighton, welcoming anyone who just wants to have a good time
revenge one
Like these two
revenge five
and this group
revenge six
or this group
revenge four
Or these three, simply enjoying themselves..
revenge three
…just like these two. There is nothing else to be said.



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