From Stegosauruses to Socks: We Chatted To The Fabulously Funky Designosaur Crew!


We all have an inner child who freaking loves dinosaurs, so it’s no wonder that accessories from Brighton-based duo Designosaur are flying off the shelves.

The pair say they take inspiration from British design, Lomography, urban style, natural history and, of course, big awesome dinosaurs!

Set up in 2012, the brand has proven massively popular with Brighton’s discerning followers of fashion. Its signature pieces feature laser-cut dino-designs – both skeletons and full beasties – which can often be spotted in the North Laine.

Typically made of high-quality acrylic or rich cherry wood, Designosaur’s pieces are fun, eccentric, and upbeat, yet classy and stylish.

We caught up with Karli Dendy, who makes up one-half of this fun-loving, colourful brand along with fellow designer Jacques Keogh.

How would you describe your brand style in one sentence?

“We design fun, bright and bold, sometimes dinosaur-inspired jewellery and accessories.”

These patches are out of this world!

How did Designosaur grow into what it is today?

“We started Designosaur back in 2012. We both had design degrees and were doing jobs unrelated to what we had studied, so Designosaur came from a need for a creative outlet.

“We worked several full-time jobs whilst also building up Designosaur; more customers, a greater social media following, and more stockists – until it became impossible to give Designosaur the time it needed to grow. I became full-time in 2014, and at the beginning of this year, Jacques took the leap too.

“Designosaur has become not only a jewellery brand, but a community of statement jewellery lovers. We chat online every day with acrylic jewellery collectors and Designosaur fans and we’re going from strength to strength.”

What makes you passionate about dinosaurs?

“The thing with designing pieces based on dinosaurs is that even though they died millions of years ago, what we know about them is always changing. From them having scales to feathers, to whether they were actually able to roar, and scientists correcting mistakes of skeletons being put together incorrectly!”

designosaur renegade 3

Do you have any favourite artists, designers, or creatives who inspire and influence your work?

“Of course! Jacques and I are very different and are inspired by different things, which is great, as it means we’re coming to the table with completely different ideas and aesthetics, and our pieces are the outcome of that collaboration.

“I’ve always been inspired by the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein as I love their use of colour, bold shapes and also making the “mundane” into art.

“Jacques loves the work by illustrator Charlie Harper who is inspired by nature, and creates very stylised drawings using bright colours.”

What do the Designosaur team like to do in their free time?

“Enjoy Brighton! Go to the beach, eat pizza and noodle soup, visit exhibitions, go raving… We like hanging out with our friends, sunshine, and holidays!”

What’s your Brighton story, and what do you like best about the city?

“As I mentioned before, Jacques and I moved here for university and then never left.

“I’ve always been drawn to this seaside city, because there’s nowhere else like it, and Jacques definitely loves Brighton for its pace of life.”

A very Brightonian statement necklace

Tell us about your new laser cutter news!

“EKKKK! We have got to the point in our business that we need our own machine to be able to prototype and product our pieces more quickly and efficiently.

“To do this, we are also setting up a second business, YEAH laser, to cut work for other designers too. We need a little bit of help to crowd fund for the machine and are offering a whole bunch of exclusive “perks” from ourselves and our crafty friends.”

You can find out more at

You guys are growing quite the following. Do you have any famous fans, or dino-lovers in other countries?

“We have dino-lovers who own our jewels globally and that’s pretty exciting! As for famous fans, not yet – but that doesn’t keep us from trying!”

What advice would you give to budding designers?

“In the words of Anthony Burrill, work hard and be nice to people.”

What’s next for Designosaur? Anything we should look out for happening in the near future?

“We always have new designs coming out, and next week our best-selling product is coming back! And as we mentioned before, we will hopefully be getting our shiny new laser cutter if all goes well with the crowd funding – so there’s nothing to hold us back.”

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