Grants & retail relief available for small businesses


Brighton & Hove City Council are offering grants and retail relief to small businesses across the city that have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Council leader Nancy Platts said:

“I want to thank businesses in the city for the way they are responding to this unprecedented situation and the many actions they are taking to support communities.

“We have a large number of small businesses in Brighton & Hove and I know how worried business owners are about their financial situation. This financial support is a lifeline for our small businesses which is why we are making grant payments and retail relief a priority.”

Retail Relief – how it works & who it helps:

All small businesses in the city are eligible for retail relief that will see their business rates cancelled for 12 months.

This effort is part of a wider package aimed at supporting small local businesses, most of which have had to close completely to comply with current government restrictions.

The council have been cancelling direct debits proactively, and have reached out to all eligible businesses in the city to make sure they are aware of the payment cancellation.

This plan means the council will be losing £68 million that they would usually earn via business rates. It also means 2,700 businesses will benefit from not paying any business rates for a year.

Business Grants – how they work and who they can help:

Another of the council’s current priorities is distributing government funded grants to small businesses. So far, £21.4 million has been payed across 1,300 businesses.

They are now asking that any eligible businesses for which they do not hold bank details to get in contact with them via a secure portal to enable them to make payments as soon as possible. The secure portal can be found on the council’s website by clicking here.

Businesses that receive rural rate relief or small business rate relief are eligible for grants of £10,000. Any retail, hospitality, or leisure sector businesses that operate in a property with a rateable value anywhere between £15,000 and £51,000 will receive a £25,000 grant.

The council’s financial support distribution is being compensated by the national government. Millions of pounds have been set aside to support individuals and businesses across the city as part of measures taken in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Click here for more info about which businesses qualify for grant funding.

Click here for more info about support for small businesses

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