Great Habits to Level Up Your Beauty

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Being beautiful is not that difficult. At least if you know how, right? Learn these simple habits that will help you level up your beauty with ease.

What’s on the inside is the most important, that’s for sure. But while having a whole universe inside, we want the outside to match. When it comes to beauty, women are ready to make an effort and even more. Some spend tons of money on expensive cosmetics and makeup; others visit professional trainers, cosmetologists, and masseurs. Some of us prefer home-made remedies, and others don’t even know what to do to be prettier.

The secret to beauty lies in consistency. Making a helpful ritual into a habit is the key to not only improving the condition of your skin and body but also becoming more confident. The following habits will greatly contribute to your efforts to become better and better every day.

Using Sunscreen at All Times

Always apply sunscreen before leaving your house. You already know that sun rays are capable of causing skin cancer, right? That’s the number one reason why you need to use sunblock.

Reason number two is the ability of sun rays to make your skin age faster. Even though you might love the way your tanned body looks, being in the sun fastens the aging process.

In general, the imperfections are more visible on a tanned face than on a paler one. So, make your choice: it’s up to you. Plus, exposing your face to the direct sunlight will uneven the color of your face, making some spots darker and some lighter. And you don’t want that, do you?

Being Active

People always say “You need to exercise!” and you are probably tired of hearing that over and over again. But let us at least explain what exercising does for you and your body.

First of all, activities reduce stress and contribute to the release of endorphins, which makes you feel happier. Also, exercising increases the activity of your white blood cells, which is beneficial for the circulation and the general condition of your skin. And, as a pleasant bonus, being active helps your body fight aging and age-related diseases.

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And you don’t even have to sweat in the gym or take the spin class that you hate. Pick an activity that makes you feel good, something that you like, whether it’s yoga, swimming, or even simply walking. No matter what you do and which activity you choose, it’s a win-win, both for your beauty and your health.

Korean Skincare Routine

When it comes to beauty, Koreans are the ones who take it seriously (maybe sometimes too seriously). And there’s no denying that they look awesome. But what’s the secret? They probably will never tell, but there is some info on how they take care of their skin.

Making a Korean skincare routine a part of your evening (or morning) ritual will exfoliate your skin, make it look brighter, clearer, silkier, and smoother. The routine consists of 4 steps:

  • pre-clean your face;
    Wash it with your favorite facial wash and get ready for the step two.
  • clean again;
    Now, this is the secret to glowing skin: during the first pre-washing step you remove the dead cells and that first layer of nasty things from you face. During this second step, you clean your face deeper, thus removing more dirt and dust, exfoliating it even more, and smoothing it.
  • toner time;
    This is when you apply your favorite facial toner, which will even the skin color, remove excess oil, tighten the pores, and balance the skin pH.
  • moisturize (and we don’t even have to explain why this step is crucial, right?);
    An excellent way to moisturize your skin is to use a sheet mask. It allows the skin to absorb all the valuable ingredients faster and deeper. Plus, it feels awesome.

These four steps are simple and don’t take a lot of time, but following them every day will drastically improve the condition of your skin.

Pressing “Pause”

The rhythm of our lives can be really hectic. Being caught up in the endless circle of meetings, deadlines, and tiring working hours, we don’t have time to simply breathe deep. The level of stress rises and the condition of our health worsens, also affecting the way we look.

That’s why it’s important to get in the habit to take a pause sometime during the day, sit, relax, and just breathe. You can do it as long as you want, whether it’s just 10 minutes or another hour. It doesn’t matter, just make yourself do it. Try not to think about anything (or at least about work), get comfy, and enjoy the quietness.

This habit will allow you to have some rest, both physically and mentally, break the busy routine of your life, and maybe even open some new perceptions.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is a thing, and it works. When we don’t sleep enough, we feel tired, irritated, sluggish, and moody, which is more than enough of a reason to get your sleeping schedule in order.

But it gets worse:

When we sleep bad, we look bad.

It’s not only the circles under the eyes or a puffy face. When we sleep, our body produces new skin cells, gets rid of toxins, and works on fixing the skin damage we have. Without enough sleep, our skin looks dull and doesn’t regenerate properly. Plus, it ages faster.

That’s why having a good night’s sleep directly influences our beauty. Sleeping makes us feel better and look awesome, with a fresh glowing skin and bright eyes.

What won’t help you become prettier is spending sleepless nights working on your college papers and assignments. But there’s a way to save both your grades and your beauty: let someone else do the work for you. Click here to find out more and get enough time to enjoy your beauty sleep.

Controlling Your Hands

We touch our faces all the time without even noticing it. Becoming more mindful of it will help you prevent infections and other health issues. Remember that your nose, eyes, and mouth are very susceptible to germs, and constantly putting your hands there is no help.

Even if your hands are clean, there’s a chance you’ll clog your pores when touching your face. And this leads to acne.

That’s why paying more attention to what your hands do should definitely become a habit of yours. Especially when you’re outside or at work, where germs and dust are flying around, waiting to land on your fingers.

Going Green

Eating your greens is another habit you should consider, and here’s why:

Leafy vegetables and greens help your body remove toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and herbicides.

This leads to overall detoxification of your body as well as increasing the level of oxygen and purifying the blood.

Can you imagine how good greens can make you feel by doing all of those awesome things to your body? And how great you’re going to look because of that? Your skin will become cleaner, it will look fresher, and even your acne will disappear (at least some of it). Your hair, eyelashes, and nails will also become stronger and healthier.

It looks like there’s nothing greens can’t do. So, go make yourself a green smoothie or a nice green salad!

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