Guide To Brighton’s Wifi Cafe’s!

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If you’re a student or have the luxury of working from home sometimes you may feel a bit trapped in your own space and need to separate your work life from your home life. When cafe’s offer wifi it means you can get out of the house, enjoy a nice coffee and get some work done in a different environment. Here’s some cafe’s in Brighton that offer free wifi and are welcoming to us laptop users…

Marwood Coffee Shop – This hidden gem on Ship Street is filled with a bunch of 1980’s relics and magazine cut outs. It has a lovely little garden, but upstairs is its laptop room in which you can join fellow workaholics and get some work done whilst enjoying some food and a coffee.

Lucky Beach Cafe – Want to get out of the house and enjoy the beach in the summer whilst still getting something done? Head down here for their outside tables and fantastic burgers.

Moksha Cafe – This is the perfect spot to find students and workers alike near St Peters Church. They also have the cutest Instagram.

Presuming Ed’s – On London Road this place has it all, laptop workstations, children area, a garden and even a library.

Cafe Coho – Their award winning coffee is sure to keep you awake and motivated, with three locations in Brighton there is bound to be one near you at all times!

Keep working ladies and gents!


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