How the most popular casino games have changed over time

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A lot has changed in the way in which gamblers play their favourite games at casinos. Gamblers no longer have to physically pull down the arms of slot machines, find seats at casino tables or exchange their chips. However, it is arguable that the more the gambling industry changes, the more things stay the same. 

Online versus analogue 

The popularity of online casinos has amazed many market analysts and outsiders, but industry insiders have not been surprised by the increased popularity of digital gambling platforms. The best online destinations – including casinos like this one – continue to offer the most popular casino games available while also providing the convenience of a digital platform. 

Many gamblers love the physicality of gambling tables and busy casino floors, but more and more gamblers are turning towards the variety offered by online casinos and the live dealer options that have become available. One of the best things about online casinos is that many of them have extensive games libraries so that gamblers can find dozens of different types of their favourite casino games to choose from. 

While ‘analogue’ or brick-and-mortar casinos will always continue to be popular, online gambling has begun to take a greater share in the industry by providing gamblers with new, varied, high-quality gambling experiences. 

An enduring legacy 

One of the games that has remained steadfastly popular throughout the last few centuries has been baccarat. Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games ever played and was first enjoyed in the Venetian casinos several hundred years ago. 

Baccarat experienced a bit of a dip in popularity, as in 2004, it had a unit share of only 3.84%. However, by 2017, baccarat had grown in popularity to the extent that it had a 12.18% unit share. That is a quadruple increase in popularity over the course of just 12 years and it really illustrates how interest in a particular game can wax and wane in a short period.

Another game that has an enduring legacy is the slot machine. Although slot machines have not been around for nearly as long as baccarat, they have remained incredibly popular since their development. In fact, slot machine games are now the most popular games for gamblers to play on online casinos. 

Many gamblers now even prefer the digital slot machines to their analogue counterparts, as digital slot machine games have many different fun and exciting themes, and feature engrossing graphics and audio effects. 

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The decline of blackjack 

Blackjack was considered a mainstay of buzzing casino floors for decades, but there are signs that casinos are starting to phase out this former king of the casino floor. One of the reasons that blackjack is a favourite game of gamblers is because it has much better odds than most other casino games. On top of that, if you actually have learned some skills and strategies for blackjack, your odds of winning increase. 

Perhaps more importantly, however, is the number of high-profile lawsuits that casinos have had to settle – sometimes, for massive sums of money. One recent case involved Phil Ivey losing £7.7 million in his lawsuit against London’s Crockfords Club. Although Crockfords Club ultimately won the court case, significant time, money and resources were invested in the case. 

Additionally, gamblers who count cards often do so while playing blackjack. Although a great majority of players refrain from counting cards, the casino does lose its house edge when a gambler begins counting cards. There was a notorious incident in the news a number of years ago, which resulted in Ben Affleck being banned from playing blackjack for life at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino and Hotel. 

Although these are singular incidents, they have collectively pushed the casino industry away from blackjack and towards other, similar games. 

What the future holds 

No one can tell just what the future will bring, but it looks like online gambling will continue to soar in popularity in the coming years. Hybrid games such as Mini-baccarat, Pai Gow Poker and Three Card Poker are growing in popularity and are most often played online. It is likely that the online casino industry could see an increase in the variety of fusion or hybrid games offered on online casinos. 

Although times are changing and the types of games that once dominated bustling casino floors are now shifting and changing, one thing can be relied on, and that is the continued popularity of the finest, exciting casino games.

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