Start Of Brighton Digital Festival Nears

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Following a one-year hiatus as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Brighton Digital Festival is returning for 2021.

Celebrating its 10th birthday, the festival which serves as a celebration and journey through digital culture will kick off on the 29th October, providing a ten day long programme until November 7th.

The festival was originally set up by Lighthouse, a Brighton based arts charity who noted that the event is focused on emphasising the crowd sourcing of the community programme, with the public at the heart of their presentation.

People are actively invited to investigate the possibility of hosting an event and can do this by joining the online town hall event to find out more.

The events themselves provide an open discussion with it giving a perfect introduction to the festival for both new and experienced event organisers and participants.

Lighthouse themselves specialise in new developments regarding art, technology, science and society. While founding the event, they helped it become its own CIC, and now provides more of a fostering, supportive role as it continues to grow.

The festival itself will consist of community run and specially commissioned events that explore the creative and innovative possibilities of the digital space.

The organisers have explained that the experience of lockdown has highlighted the key role digital technology has played in connecting people to culture whether through virtual performances, digital galleries or interacting in activities through Zoom.

Therefore, the festival is an important part of helping to shape the collective digital future of Brighton as a city, and as culture shifts day by day, there is more apparent inequalities in class divides in terms of digital technologies and accessibility.

Trepidation exists however over what may be possible to achieve, especially with the winter months approaching, yet there is still great opportunities for success with the Brighton Digital Festival.

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Photo Credit: Christopher Burns

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