How to Develop a Healthy Body Image

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Women have defined their beauty by fashion standards, actresses’ and models’ looks, and a social media landscape flooded with selfies. The message that women receive is that celebrities and some fortunate others in the minority have rare and beautiful features that the average person cannot hope to aspire to. Consequently, many (if not most) women feel that their bodies and faces are lacking in some areas. This can lead to a poor body image. How does one overcome that and stride forth with confidence into the world?

Question the Status Quo

Collectively, women need to address the myth of the body-beautiful of a select few. The first myth that needs to be busted is that there is a particular ideal that exists. Looking back over the centuries, this image has changed from the voluptuous woman of the middle ages to the skinny Twiggy of the sixties to a group of women in this day and age who hire surrogates to carry their pregnancies for them so that they can retain a firm and youthful body.

The second myth is that these women always look their best. It is a well-known fact that pictures of models are photoshopped to hide any flaws that detract from the fairy tale that is being presented. A movie star is heavily made-up and photographed from the most attractive angle.

There is no need to compete with a fiction.

Glory in What the Body Can do

Have you ever watched a skilled figure skater, skier, or gymnast and marvelled at their prowess?  The body is made to be used. To move, to dance, to play. It is not something to be decorated and captured in a still-life or to show off its assets in limited screenshots. If you have a poor body image, start moving today. Choose a sport, a type of dance, gym, or even walking. Experience the body and its potential and be grateful for its ability to do so much.

Know Your Body

Take stock of your body and your expectations for it. Do you dream of an hourglass figure when that is not your natural shape? Let go of the idea that your body is inferior because it does not match this inner image of beauty you hold.

Is Your Body Comfortable to Be In?

This is the body that will take you through life, love your partner, and bear your children. It is the vessel that moves with you throughout each day, enabling you to do myriads of things.It is a miracle. 

Give it what it needs – nutrition, sunshine, beautiful colours. Forget fashion. Dress so that you feel at ease. For example, Heist shapewear undergarments are designed to help a woman feel good about herself naturally.

Overcome Hurtful Criticism

Sometimes a poor body image has arisen because of negative comments that were made to a person, perhaps in their childhood. Unfortunately, such criticism can stay with us for life unless we actively dismantle it.

Take back your power from that person who has robbed you of the full enjoyment of your body. Acknowledge that they had no right to determine how you feel about yourself. If necessary, get professional help. But don’t let it delay you from the richness of life you should be experiencing.

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Appreciate your body, starting now.

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