How to get fit and ready to put your bikinis on!

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Ok, let’s face it, we probably all gained the one pound or the other during winter season. And even though we ought to start getting back into shape with spring knocking on our door, most of us will have the same panic reaction with summer approaching:  ‘Oh dear, I definitely can’t wear my bikini with that belly’.

Looking to get fit again and get that body ready for summer but can’t be bothered with the usual boring stuff like going for a run or riding your bike? Then here’s to your rescue. Check out these new ways to get fit in Brighton.

Bikini or Boots? The answer is both!

Bikini boot camps are a new and effective method to get rid of unwanted body fat. Programmes include a five to six weeks workout routine and guidance on your nutrition. With exercises that vary between fitness, cardio and resistance, you surely won’t be bored while sweating your fat off.

For programmes offered in Brighton see here or here.


Credit @ Brighton Zumba
Credit @ Brighton Zumba

Zumba! Zumba! Zumba!

You don’t see yourself following a weekly workout routine? Then why not dance your body into shape? Zumba courses are a really fun way to get fit. Even if you can’t remember the choreography straight away, just cling on to the music. Everything’s fine as long as you move. So get into comfy clothes, get a towel and shake it off to the latest salsa beat.

For more detailed information on zumba classes in town, click here.


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Lift me up, darling! Try Acro-Yoga!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do endless repetitions lifting up your better half. Acro-Yoga is still about performing different yoga poses. But in contrast to normal yoga, you do them in mid air supported by your yoga buddy. Want to strengthen your deep muscles and the confidence you have in each other? Check out here to see what to expect.


Shake, shake your body! Or should I say belly?

Want to know a really exotic workout that will really benefit your body shape? Belly dancing, here I come. Not only will it increase your core strength, but it will also help you improve your coordination. There are American Tribal Style Belly Dance classes in Brighton.


So no more excuses on boring workouts you do no longer want to go to. Get up! Get fit! And get that body ready for summer!


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