How to Stay Ahead with the Latest News on Dogecoin Investments

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I first heard about Dogecoin in late 2017 when the price was quite low. I will admit I was kicking myself for not getting in on it knowing what I know now. When the price spiked a few months later, I was in shock and disbelief. 

A lesson learned, it became clear that cryptocurrency was something I needed to take seriously.

Fast forward to today, I regularly become more informed about the latest news about the major cryptos. This also includes staying in the know about Dogecoin.

So I want to share with you tips based on my personal experience with dogecoin. Before going any further, let me say that my personal experience shouldn’t be interpreted as financial advice.

I also don’t want you to think of me as some kind of crypto guru. Now that we’ve made that clear, I want you to listen to what I have to say about staying up to date with Dogecoin news.

Some of the stuff includes my painful experiences with getting the wrong news. Let’s give you my run down.

Follow credible news sources

I’ll be the first to admit that I am one of many people who have fallen for it. By “it”, I mean news that turned out to be misinformation. You and I both know that’s a problem in today’s day in age.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made was listening to random people on Reddit subs about cryptocurrencies. I would soon follow credible news sources. Those that I believe would be beneficial to my investments.

It didn’t matter if it was just Dogecoin or others. What I wanted was the truth.

Anyway, I was able to bookmark credible sites like Cointelegraph. If you want to stay in touch on which online casinos accept Dogecoin, you can find here a site that informs you.

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I would pay attention to the news sources and read through the articles. If anything sounded too good to be true, I ignored it. You ought to do the same.

I have heard and seen plenty of people lose their investment portfolios over misinformation. It’s as painful as an NFT project being rugged – which I had fallen for once upon a time. That’s for another discussion and another time.

Subscribe to email newsletters

I would hear my phone ping almost every morning, noon, and night. Yes, I would get the typical text messages and DMs from friends or family.

However, these pings were different. It was email newsletters flooding my inbox with crypto news. It included what was going on with Dogecoin.

I also stayed abreast with other cryptos in my portfolio as well. I love getting these in my inbox because I feel like I’m exclusively getting this information. Once again, I will caution you to choose who you subscribe to wisely.

I don’t want you to fall victim to misinformation. If the newsletter sounds too good to be true, you know what to do.

Due diligence wins – always

OK, hear me out here because this will save your portfolio for the better. Sometimes, the best way to stay ahead of the Dogecoin game is to perform due diligence. It’s not just keeping your finger on the news pulse. Doing your research is vital as I soon learned.

I perform regular research on cryptos that I’m interested in. I would open up multiple tabs: one for CoinMarketCap, and another for CoinDesk.

Performing due diligence at first was like juggling flaming knives. But I promise you it will save your skin in the long run.

Sometimes, you won’t hear a peep for days, weeks, or even months about Dogecoin. To the point where you ask all kinds of questions.

For that reason, you do your research and form your conclusion. Do this regularly and you might be ahead of the game compared to those who want to trade cryptos carelessly.

Ask people you know familiar with the market

Another excellent source that I have always relied upon was people I knew. Including my fellow crypto enthusiasts.

We warn each other that what we share isn’t guaranteed financial advice. If anything, we share our opinion on what could happen in the future with Dogecoin. Cautiously optimistic is the tone that I and many of my friends take. It’s for the best and very good reason.

I’ve seen my share of rises and falls in the crypto market. Not to mention, I’ve seen my gains get wiped out after a crash. It’s painful and it can take a while to recover.

My portfolio may be modest now – but I’ve seen worse. Yet, I can say for certain that it helps to listen to the right people. Also, I would take it with a grain of salt as well.

One more thing before I go

I’m not sure what your plan is regarding Dogecoin. My personal experience has been trading it, buying and holding it, and even using it for purchases. Use my personal experience as a list of ideas on what you ought to do to stay informed.

Bookmark a few blogs, subscribe to a few newsletters, and even connect with a few fellow crypto enthusiasts who are not all “smoke and mirrors”. That is my parting advice to you on this crypto journey you’re travelling through.


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