How you can help keep Brighton clean

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As the summer season approaches, you may be dreaming about sun-drenched days on Brighton Beach, cold swims in the sea, and eating fish and chips along the front. You’re not alone! According to recent statistics, “Brighton welcomes over 9.5m day visitors each year” with “the largest number of tourists visiting Brighton during July and August”. 

While this can provide huge benefits for local businesses and the economy – it can also cause some headaches. For instance, it can contribute to large amounts of litter along the seafront and increased pollution from the volume of cars on the road. 

If you’re keen to do your bit for Brighton and the environment, here are several ways you can help keep the city clean. 

Travel by public transport

It’s no secret that emissions from cars can damage our health and have a significant impact on climate change. The more cars in the city, the more congested the roads, and the more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. 

You can help to reduce the number of cars on the road by making the most of the public transport on offer in Brighton. For example, you could hop on the train to Brighton or use the local buses. Or, if you live centrally, you could go one step further by cycling or walking around the city.

Do a beach clean-up

Another way you can contribute to keeping the city clean is to take part in a beach clean-up. Recently, a team of volunteers from Nestlé arrived in Brighton and collected a whopping 33kg of litter from the beach. This highlights the need for action when it comes to littering.

Brighton and Hove city council operates a volunteer scheme called the Tidy Up Team which you can get involved in. Or, you can organise your own beach cleaning event and get your family, friends, and co-workers involved! Simply get in touch with the council at least two weeks before your event to get set up. 

Take your rubbish with you 

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While beach clean-ups are essential, the root cause of the problem is the litter itself. You can do your bit to reduce the amount of litter on the coast by disposing of your waste appropriately.  

This could mean taking your rubbish home with you to avoid it littering the environment. You could also look for recycling bins to get rid of any plastic bottles or cardboard you’ve used during your day out. 

Keeping Brighton clean will help to preserve the area so it can be enjoyed by tourists and residents for the years to come. How will you do your bit to help?

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