How you can support the ’16 Days of Action’ campaign


16 Days of Action is a global campaign, seeking to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

16 Days of Action runs from Monday 25 November until Tuesday 10 December. The movement begins on the UN International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women and ends on Human Rights Day.

Why 16 days?

The decision to make the event span from 25 November to 10 December was deliberate. Within the 16 days, three other major events take place: International Human Rights Defenders Day (29 November), World Aids Day (1 December) and the anniversary of the Montreal École Polytechnique Massacre (6 December). This is to highlight the connection between human rights and domestic violence.

Who is it aimed at?

’16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence’ is aimed at businesses that lack an infrastructure to deal with the large-scale problem that is domestic violence. The pioneers of the movement state that companies can do more to aid their employees who endure domestic violence, train those who witness it and protect staff as a whole, with the goal of securing safety and mitigating financial loss.

A theme will be identified across each of the 16 days to explore the various forms of domestic violence. In doing so, the workplace will be better equipped to acknowledge the signs that indicate it may be going on.

What’s going on in Brighton?

Friday 22 November, Reclaim the Night

A Reclaim the Night demonstration is taking place in Brighton city centre on Friday 22 November to protest street harassment and rape culture.

The march begins at Brighton Station at 6pm, moving down towards the Old Steine before continuing to Patterns.

More information here.

Friday 29 November, Supporting Survivors Workshop

Survivor’s Network are hosting a free workshop for anyone who may encounter a disclosure of sexual assault or abuse. This may be in situations such as a role you have, community space you attend, or by someone you care about.

The workshops aim to:

  • Do some myth busting
  • ​Give hints and tips on how to respond
  • Give ideas about support available
  • Increase confidence in having these conversations

The workshop will take place on Friday 29 November from 13:30 – 15:30 in the Survivors’ Network building. Survivor’s Network apologize that the venue is only accessible up a flight of stairs.

Book your place here.

Saturday 7 December, RISE party

RISE will be holding a party to celebrate their 25th anniversary at St Augustine’s Event Centre on Saturday 7 December.

The celebration starts at 4pm and includes a history and art exhibition in the afternoon followed by a fun-filled evening of entertainment.

More information here.


For more information about ’16 Days of Action’, please visit their website.


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