Humans of Brighton – Ella the Traveler

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On the narrow road of Kensington Gardens, I saw Ella revel in the colourful variety of intricate jewelry, big sunglasses and bright hats neatly displayed on the tables outside Snooper’s Paradise.

I’m Ella, nice to meet you, I’m from Romania and I’ve got about an hour before I have to leave Brighton.

What do you want to do with your life? I do textiles so I like making stuff with leather, and I like living with my friends that paint.

I think the first invention was the sewing needle. I work with fabrics and I do fashion art – I love it.

What style of art do your friends paint? My friend paints small canvas caricatures in the street sometimes, and they’re done realistically.

How long have you been in Brighton? I came to stay for a few weeks.

Where did you get your scarf? They were selling them at the market above this street [Upper Gardner Street Market].

Where are you off to next? I have to go up to Bristol for a while.

Have you checked out Snooper’s Paradise? Yeah, of course, I love it.

While Ella left, I wondered how many people pass through Brighton, and if the effect of our seaside town stays with them.

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Photo, words and interview by Marc Kis.

[email protected]

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