Humans of Brighton – Lorenzo the DJ

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My name is Lorenzo di Caprio,

Could you tell us a little bit about you? I’m 25 years old and originally from Italy, Caserta. I work for Caffe Nero, but I’m also the resident DJ at Beavantgarde.

Do you play somewhere else? Yes, Brighton is full of clubs, I’ve played in Rialto, Volks Club, Green Door Store, The Hub and Artista Studio.

What made you choose Brighton? I came to Brighton to learn English and because I was involved with a music project as a dj. Brighton was the perfect place to improve that project.

What was your first impression of Brighton? Brighton is a really nice town, its full of nice open minded people that want enjoy the life!

What do you recommend doing in Brighton? I recommend to visit The Lanes and enjoy the beautiful view of the seafront, that is my favorite place. Brighton is also full of clubs and many other things to do. 

Is there something that you have dreamt of doing for a long time?  I dreamt for a long time to turn my passion into a career as a DJ music production.

What do you like about travelling? I’m inspired to seek new adventures, to explore new places and meet different people.

How and where will you see yourself in 15 years? I can see myself working with music production and with my own record label.

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