Humans of Brighton – Meet Maria!

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My name is Maria Veronica Escobar,

Could you tell us a little bit about you? I’m 37 years old and I’m originally from Venezuela, Caracas city. I love nature, mountains and dogs. I’m a big fan of yoga and I train every day, I also like climbing and knitting. I like reading fantasy books and photography books.

What made you choose Brighton? I’m in Brighton for learning English. I wanted a nice city which was not chaotic, where I could experience different cultures. I think Brighton has all these qualities. I love Brighton!

What was your first impression of Brighton? I came in the spring and it was so beautiful. I went to the Pavilion and had lunch in the garden, it was full of nice people, and seagulls, haha, one of them stole my sandwich.

What do you recommend doing in Brighton? Well, running on the sea front on a summer morning.

Is there something that you have dreamt of doing for a long time? My dream is to do my master degree  in Dental Surgery here in England.

What do you like about travelling? Experiencing different cultures and enjoying nature.

How and where will you see yourself in 15 years? Living in Brighton, working as a dentist married to my current boyfriend with children.

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