Humans of Brighton: Mark Weston Points Out The Peregrines in Brighton

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So you’re here today with RSPB? What is that? 

So RSPB is a conservation charity with the largest conservation charity in Europe and we predominantly create and manage habitat for wildlife. We are also very good at campaigning and lobbying so we put pressure on the government to protect habitat that we don’t manage and basically I’m here today to get people to support us but also to show you the peregrines that nest behind you (near Churchill Square), so there is a very well known nest sight on Sussex Heights. Peregrines nest there every year and this year they have had three chicks so whilst they’re flying around and not on view at the moment they have been there throughout the day.

How did you get into this? 

I’ve been a member since I was eight, I’ve been volunteering for sixteen years and I’ve been staff for nine. So basically I just love wildlife, all wildlife. Birds have always sort of been my favourite I suppose so I just felt I wanted to put something back and volunteering for the RSPB is a very good way of giving your time. We have about sixteen thousand volunteers that help us on our reserves, do our jobs for us basically and just assist in any way they can.

Whats your favourite bird? 

Thats a good question because I actually have a favourite bird for different circumstances. So when I’m in the Highstreet its a Pied Wagtail. My favourite bird of all time is a Kingfisher, but my favourite bird of prey is a Red Kite so it does depend where I am. My favourite garden bird is a Sparrow.

What do you think about seagulls? 

I think the problem with seagulls is us, and its not just because I work for the RSPB but the reason the gulls are aggressive is because we feed them and they are quite territorial. We have taken food from the sea and they have moved in to our area, we make so much mess and they are just taking advantage of it and I think it’s a shame that we are so intolerant of wildlife. If you look at any creature that humans consider to be a problem the problem stems from us.

If you had one message to humanity what would it be? 

Protect the Wildlife!

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