Humans Of Brighton: Meet Charlie

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This week we met up with Charlie to ask the question: 

“What was your childhood dream?”

Co-written and photography by Danielle Quijada

Shielded by the rain under his umbrella, encompassed by his music, Charlie stopped to give us his attention and time after he peeled his headphones from his ears.

Charlie paused for a minute to mull over the question.

Photography by Danielle Quijada


His eyes bounced from one side of the street to the other before explaining his dream:

“Plant hunting around the world.”

Charlie expressed how he has yet to move past his childhood ambitions and he intends to travel around the world to see various species of flora. He hopes to visit places as close as Tresco Abbey Garden in the Isles of Scilly and as far as areas in the Carribean.

Charlie currently works at a garden center where he is frequently surrounded by lush greenery.

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Outside of his day-to-day job at the center, he refers to himself as a “hobbying botanist.” 

“It’s all come to a full circle, really,” Charlie concluded.

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