Humans of Brighton – Meet Julia from New Zealand

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Here at Brighton Journal we love to provide a focus on interesting and unique people in the city. For this week’s edition of Human’s of Brighton, we wandered through one of our favourite spots to stumble across exciting people to talk to, the North Laine. Here we met Julia from New Zealand, walking her dachshund Lux!


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Hi Julia, what brings you to Brighton?

I’m visiting my sister at the moment, I live in Camden in London usually but I’m just down for a few days. My parents are here from New Zealand, and they fly out tomorrow so we just had a quick coffee together before they fly.


How lovely! What do you think of the city?

It is so colourful!


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What made you move from New Zealand to live in the UK?

There is nothing to do in New Zealand haha! I also love coming down to Brighton especially because of how there is so much packed into one city. It’s very compact, you can always find something cool to do, and interesting people to meet.


Is there anything you don’t like about Brighton?

I just hate how cold it can get in the winter. New Zealand isn’t particularly hot of course, but I just think Brighton is freezing. I feel so bad for homeless people, I don’t know how they can possibly sleep! It chills me to the bone just walking, it really pains me to think about that.


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