Humans of Brighton – Meet Rhiannon and Ilaina!

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Hey lovelies!

I met Rhiannon, 17 (on the left) and Ilaina, 18 (on the right) in front of the fabulous “to be worn again” in the lanes today!


Rhiannon lives not too far from Brighton and loves it for obvious reasons (The lanes, thrift shops, charity shops  etc..) but would like to fight the inevitable of moving over here and travel around! She wants to venture out of familiarity! Berlin would be the BOMB!

Ilaina is studying in Brighton and loves to shop here like Rhiannon, she’s doing an art foundation course, specialising in illustration. Only a one year course and then see where the wind blows her!

I asked them about their clothes! A combination of thrift shop finds, hand me downs (GOD BLESS THY HAND ME DOWNS) and borrowed/stolen items from Dad’s wardrobes, hurray for oversized jumpers!

I wanted to know what message they thought they were sending out to passers by with their clothes!

“BE COMFY!!!” they both agreed. I say Amen to that!

Rhiannon also shared that she recently shaved off most of her hair after making the observation that her head was “TOO FLUFFY!”, in other words she had very curly hair. If anyone wants tips on how to go about extreme hair cuts because your worried it won’t suit you, Rhiannon has the trick! Simply feel your head with the tip of your fingers and decide whether the shape of your skull is appropriate for a hair do as such!

Well Rhiannon, no matter what made you feel comfortable with going for it, it was sure worth it, I think you look fabulous!


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These girls were so lovely and open to chatting with me, two vivacious, bold characters that I’m happy to have met! Good luck to you both with your ambitions and future endeavours!

Let the magic continue!

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