Humans Of Brighton – Meet Shanice, The Girl With The Pterodactyl Tattoo!

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Hi Shanice, where are you from? I am from Horsham, so just on the outskirts of Brighton, but I have a lot of family that live in the city. So, I am in Brighton all the time basically.

What do you do in life? I’m a barber.

Why did you decide to become a barber? My auntie was one and she trained me up to become a barber as well. She is actually from Brighton too.

What do you like most about Brighton that makes you come out here so often? The people, the pier, the beach, the tattoo places… everything here!

You mentioned tattoo places. Have you got many tattoos? Oh yes, I do. I got these scissors tattooed on my forearm because it relates to my job and I have only just gotten my eleventh one today.

Cool, what is it? It’s a pterodactyl on my ankle. I have literally just walked out of the tattoo parlour. My friend and I got the same tattoo.

That’s interesting. Why the pterodactyl? It’s just a little joke that she and I have together. So we decided to get a pterodactyl. It was very spontaneous. We are not Jurassic Park fans or anything, we just like the word and so we got it tattooed on us.

And apart from getting new tattoos, what do you do when you are down here in Brighton? I usually visit family, go shopping or even just spend the day on the pier and lie on the beach. That kind of stuff. Just a nice chill-out day around here, really.

 Thanks a lot for talking to us and enjoy your day in Brighton, Shanice!

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